Terrazzo Tiles Revolution to Homes and Commercial Centres in Sydney

How ideal are terrazzo floor tiles in commercial and residential areas? From the 15th century, when it was first discovered, terrazzo tiles have been on the rise in construction projects. Meanwhile, the application is limited to homes and public spaces such as commercial and industrial centers.

Terrazzo Tiles - The Home Decoration

 “terrazzo” originated from an Italian word for “terraces.” And this flooring material was made from marble chips by mosaic workers who intend to create something unique for their own residences. Today, terrazzo tiles can be created from practically any source material, including glass, porcelain, granite, and even quartz if you so wish. 

The broader array of materials may also imply some spectacular qualities from each type of material that we use. Meanwhile, the art of using terrazzo does not end with the installation. But also the maintenance, which has evolved over the years to what we have today. 

How prevalent are terrazzo tiles?

When we begin to consider some of the most vital properties of this flooring material, you can hardly wonder about its fame anymore. For instance, you can agree with the immense value it brings to your tower, its durability, timelessness, natural and physical appeal, and durability and strength. Terrazzo flooring tiles are as strong as still finding some of the ancient structures made of terrazzo tiles still standing till today.

For example, some ancient structures in Venice, Italy, today feature terrazzo floors. Although the origin of its first use is simple and purely ‘accidental,’ what the use of terrazzo has become is more than a mere coincidence. Moreover, its application has spread across several countries where many more builders fabricate great patterns from stunning designs. 

However, it is equally important to begin to admit that the association of terrazzo tiles with the unique recognition by other builders and designers who saw an excellent material for durable flooring. Has terrazzo tiles reached their peak in popularity? Some people argue so and point at the mid-20th century and the subsequent years referring to mid-century designs. 

In addition, as the cost of installation began to rise, the choice of terrazzo tiles began to wane as it became more costly than other similar options. However, the material is kept afloat in large budget projects such as commercial centers like hotels, airports, hospitals, railway stations, shopping malls, cinemas, etc. Click here to read more about terrazzo tiles in Australia.

At the same time, the architects for these designs would now readily recommend using terrazzo tiles to bring out the level of intended purpose and quality. In addition to the choice of architects and contemporary builders, the commercial space developers enjoyed these floor tiles’ aesthetic value and properties. 

Terrazzo Floor Tiles have a Timeless Beauty

 The value that the terrazzo tiles offer to buildings in terms of aesthetic beauty is vast. But regardless of this value, it improves the final output for the flooring. At least, the flooring solution using terrazzo tiles provides unlimited options to the designer in terms of color and size. The final output design also adds the flexibility to match the overall theme of the constructed building. 

For instance, if you choose a simple mosaic design with the modern texture of terrazzo, you have just built an ideal option that matches both institutional and commercial uses. For example, the interior parts may cover features such as restaurants, bars, and hotel lobbies with high regard for the aesthetic value of the floor and the available interior space. 

Versatility in Design of Terrazzo Tiles

Compared to the other popular flooring options, the terrazzo tiles flooring brings in more versatility in the design. This feature is a significant reason why the terrazzo floor tiles work well for commercial and residential spaces. In fact, it is sometimes difficult to believe that the same terrazzo design at home is what works for the public place. 

The endless possibilities from the designs ushers in a colossal material option for the color and pattern combinations. In addition, having a top aggregate choice for the application variety also means that the terrazzo floor tiles can be easily crafted from less expecting materials. Examples include silica pebbles, quartz, and granite as we have today.

Moreover, designers have advanced into more recyclable materials such as metal scraps and glass to create a more appealing and contemporary look. These two materials are mixed into composite materials and laid as terrazzo floors since their design allows a wide range of flexibility. Bearing this fact in mind also implies that the flexibility may be limited if you have to provide the terrazzo flooring in-situ or on-site. 

Terrazzo floors are simply the most durable and sustainable

Whether you are designing for a commercial space or a residential area matters less. What is essential is that terrazzo floor tiles can secure your space. You can depend on this material for durability and sustainability. One of the most critical qualities commercial builders are looking for is durability. Or the ability of that material to stand the test of time.

While some people think only of the initial cost of installing this material, others think about the overall value to gain from it. For instance, terrazzo floor tiles may be costlier to install than traditional tiles. But its durability makes it more cost-effective than the other flooring solutions such as hardwood flooring, ceramic or carpet tiles. 

This sustainability implies that it can exceed the lifespan of these other options of flooring materials. As proof, many ancient structures built from terrazzo tiles are still in existence today. On the other hand, not only can terrazzo stand the test of time, but it is also straightforward to maintain as opposed to others. The standard cleaning process of sweeping, mopping and buffing are enough to restore the shiny beauty of the terrazzo floor.


On a final note, installing terrazzo floor tiles has tremendous advantages over other home or commercial flooring types. However, you may also need to consult with a professional handler of these materials, especially when choosing from the designs in stock. Let us guide you to the most suitable terrazzo tiles design for your project.  You can read about Terrazzo Flooring Tiles Repair, Restore, and Cost by visiting http://aplusplumbersfederalway.com/terrazzo-flooring-tiles-repair-restore-and-cost/