Terrazzo Tiles – The Home Decoration

The story and genesis of Terrazzo can be traced to 500 years ago in Italy. The inception of Terrazzo tiles can also be traced to ancient Egypt. It all started from mixing the residual chips from marbles and are soaked into the concrete. 

Later on, improvements and upgrades came into the patterns and techniques of grinding and sealing the Terrazzo tiles, which made it accepted in Italy, and because of its durability and beauty.

The acceptance of the Terrazzo tiles in Italy sold its popularity to the entire globe. Moreover, after World War 1, artisans began to use Terrazzo in every modern and Art decoration. Because of the low maintenance of Terrazzo, many accepted it.

The modern installation of Terrazzo flooring tiles made it easy for the artisan compared to when  Terrazzo installation started. Terrazzo tiles can make your home beautiful and livable. 

Is Terrazzo Good?

Terrazzo Tiles are highly recommended for flooring in malls, hospitals, and airports because of the daily pressure. It was also good at individual homes. Every kitchen utensils or anything made with Terrazzo looks so attractive. Also, Terrazzo Tiles has a very high resistance level just because of the materials involved in the making.

Terrazzo is good at flooring alone, but Terrazzo has found its way in the world of furniture, kitchen, and even walls. Just because of its beauty and elegance. There are several patterns of Terrazzo tiles that people are renovating and beautifying their homes with to create a home from their house. Again Terrazzo tiles last long on public and personal buildings. 

The Making of Terrazzo 

The making of Terrazzo tiles is comprised of two components. These component or elements are critical, and the two determines the beauty and durability of Terrazzo. These components are;

  1. Chips
  2. Binder 

The chips (pieces of material) are the pieces of materials like marble, shells, quartz, and granite that can take and withstand pressures. The binder is also cement or resin-based. Meanwhile, the binder usage is determined by the Terrazzo installed.

These two components are now mixed and cast into a different molded pattern, making the Terrazzo. It takes a few days for the mixtures to dry. After the mixture is dried, the Terrazzo mixture can now be ground down. To protect the surface and to polish for the smooth finish of the Terrazzo, a sealer is needed.  You can read about Terrazzo Tiles Revolution to Homes and Commercial Centres in Sydney by clicking here.

Terrazzo Tiles Installation

Some steps are shared to have a beautiful installation of Terrazzo Tiles. In addition, I must make it clear that the Terrazzo Tiles installation is not rocket science. If you can follow these fundamental steps consciously, I can guarantee a smooth surface installation. Here are the steps.

  1. The surface in which the Terrazzo Tiles would be laid must be thoroughly washed and clean. The dirty and stained surface will hinder the installation and rigidity of the Terrazzo Tiles.
  1. One crucial step is that the surface on which the Terrazzo Tiles will be installed must be even. This will involve the use of a Plastic Terrazzo divider in other to ensure accuracy and application. 
  1. The measurement applied is a maximum of 1.2 * 1.2m of Terrazzo Tiles facing panel. The divider must be rectangular and made of either plastic or aluminum, wood, and brass. After laying the Terrazzo Tiles, the division will be removed. For a precise result of laying Terrazzo Tiles, it is vital to use the modulation of 1*1m. This measurement will enable you to have a compact arrangement of the Terrazzo Tiles.
  1. Importantly after the divider is placed, water is essential so that the facing will be well cemented to the base. Wetting must not be handled with levity hand because the rigidity and adherent are gotten. Over the base, the Terrazzo mortar (mixture) will be spread evenly. Here machines or tools are needed to compress the Terrazzo mortar mixtures.
  1. The last stage is the Terrazzo smooth surface. The Terrazzo mixture or mortar must be smoothened and scraped in this stage. These actions are necessary so that the elegance and beauty of the Terrazzo will be out.

Terrazzo Tiles Advantages 

Over many years ago, the Terrazzo flooring innovations have brought many advantages to the world of construction and designs has it were. People have derived countless benefits and gifts from the Terrazzo Tiles, both for commercial homes and individual homes, which has given Terrazzo a name across the globe. 

There are many other flooring materials, but Terrazzo Tiles stand out in flooring, walling, and every other thing made from Terrazzo. Apart from the long-lasting tendency, there are some advantages I will be unveiling. This advantage includes;

  1. The maintenance is straightforward. The upkeep of the Terrazzo Tiles is effortless to clean, and it is not vigorous work. A professional will need to attend to it compared to other flooring materials. Many people prefer the Terrazzo Tiles because of their ease and low maintenance.
  1. Durability. The research discovered that in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, the installed Terrazzo Tiles are attractive and elegant. Also, the strength has not 1% diminished. Terrazzo Flooring Tiles has over time proven this adjective. 
  1. Attractiveness. The elegance of the Terrazzo tiles and the colour arrangement spread its name and acceptability. Terrazzo Tiles has this shining and attractive appearance after the installation. Anyone who sees it will admire it. The Terrazzo Tiles has an extensive range of colour variance. 
  1. Designs. In the world of Terrazzo Tiles, there are limitless designs. The unlimited and various tastes of people have left no choice for the manufactures to create several designs and patterns that will meet the demands of the buyers. 


With this article, I am convinced that you will purchase Terrazzo tiles. Suppose you want to create an atmosphere where Art and color speak loud. In that case, Terrazzo Tiles is the number one to consider and the only better option to get your desire. The smooth surface and the attractiveness are enough to make your home beautiful and welcoming.