Terrazzo Flooring Tiles Repair, Restore, and Cost

Terrazzo flooring tiles have been in vogue for so long, and the name remains today. Terrazzo is fashionable, and it compliments homes and buildings. Both the indoor and the outdoor of a building with Terrazzo Tiles laid looks beautiful and enticing. Your bathroom and kitchen, too, will look beautiful and homier when Terrazzo is applied.

History has it that the Venetian artisan will gather the remnants of marbles that will become a waste, so they packed them and turned them into Terrazzo tiles. The composite materials are shell, quartz, glass marble, and granite with epoxy resin or cement.

Meanwhile, the functionality and longevity of Terrazzo Tiles can’t stop some accidental and inevitable cracks and damages, be it from heavy traffic from machines and drops of stain on the surface. 

Terrazzo tiles tend to last longer than any other tiles, but it doesn’t matter the years of installation; there is a need to overhaul to activate the initial brightness and beauty. Repair and restoration is excellent way to maintain your Terrazzo Tiles.

No matter the crack and the hole on your Terrazzo Tiles, repair and restoration will return the beauty and elegance of your Terrazzo Tiles. This article will enlighten you on adequately repairing and restoring your discolored, damaged and stained Elegante Terrazzo Flooring Tiles.

Steps to Repair Terrazzo Tiles 

Every crack on the Terrazzo can be fixed. The steps here will help you do a comprehensive restoration of your Terrazzo Flooring Tile or engage the expert depending on your budget.

Sometimes, things may fall on the surface of the Terrazzo unknowingly, or anything may drop on it. But when the stains and cracks are overlooked, your Terrazzo may lose its beauty and elegance.

However, you can’t clean the surface of the Terrazzo with anything you see around you. When you fix the Terrazzo tiles yourself, it’s cheaper to employ a professional repair. Meanwhile, the charges will depend on the defect.  

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Here are some guides to repair and restore your affected Terrazzo Flooring Tiles. You can read more about Terrazzo Tiles – The Home Decoration by visiting http://aplusplumbersfederalway.com/terrazzo-tiles-the-home-decoration/

  1. Arrange the affected area depending on the size of damage that happened on your Terrazzo Tiles. The first step is to observe the surface to know the depth of wear on the Terrazzo. You will need to use your chisel or hammer to open the pit and remove the coating on the floor with sealer remover. The place must be left open, leaving no leftovers. 
  1. Measurement. The following method is measuring the affected area you want to repair. The measure will help you accurately fix the damaged area, and also it will guide you on the amount of mix you will apply to the damaged area. Because the measurement you get will determine the solution, you will use on the hole you have made.
  1. Prepare the solution. The damage will determine the solution mixture you will make. If the gap is like a pit, you will mix water, white Portland cement, and pigment-based on the initial color. 

Your mixer must turn the combination into a paste to be effective on the surface. Therefore if the affected area is large, the mixture will need hardener, epoxy, and pigment-based on the instruction from the designer.

  1. Application of the solution. After getting your key ready, the next step is to apply the solution to the area. This step will require a trowel to fill and press the solution on the damaged area to the top surface to avoid air penetration. You can also carefully add epoxy based on your wish.
  1. Clean the Surface. After 12 hours of solidity and dryness, you can now use the diamond polishing pad on the repaired area. You will need to do the polishing. The polishing can either be done by using recrystallization, polishing powder, or diamond-polishing method in other to achieve the goal.

The diamond-polishing method will effectively help the color and brightness of your Terrazzo come out well. Though it is expensive, it will activate the glory of the Terrazzo Flooring Tiles. The polishing powder is also good but based on your capacity. 

Your polishing powder will be applied to the affected surface and buff. This process should occur twice in other to get your goal. Now that you are done with the polishing, you will dry and clean with water. That will finally reveal the glory of your Terrazzo Tiles. Also, you will need to apply a sealer.   

 Cost of Repair and Restoration of Terrazzo Tiles

Many factors contribute to the cost of Terrazzo damage repair and Terrazzo restoration. Some of the elements are the holes to repair and restore, the number of square meters, nails to cut, machine to use, and artistry. All of these things put together make the cost for repair and restoration high.  

The cost of fixing it by you may be below. Still, the error and damages may not be adequately made because of the machine needed for buffing, the experience, and the craftsmen’s know-how. So in other to maintain the durability and long-lasting tendency, you will need to involve a specialist on Terrazzo Flooring Tiles personnel. 

Sometimes some companies may compromise the Terrazzo Tiles repair and restoration standard. But you have to search for an excellent company to handle your Terrazzo and give you state-of-the-art restoration and repair.

The company also charges differently based on the kind of machine they will bring and the equipment they will use. Your Terrazzo Flooring Tiles can leave over 75 years if attention and care are given to them. No crack or stain Terrazzo Tiles should be overlooked, or else you will in no time lose the designs and the beauty of the Terrazzo.      


This article explains how to maintain your Terrazzo Floor Tiles and retain the design and colors. Your Terrazzo Tiles have a high tendency to last longer than any other tiles. I hope this article will guide you on doing an effective Terrazzo repair and restoration.